Can I really build my dream home?

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If you’ve ever dreamed about building your dream home, flicked slowly through home magazines, eyes roving over beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind homes, then you’re not alone. 

Admiring the light-filled, spacious, cover-worthy homes – built just-so – is sadly where the fantasy ends for most of us – but that needn’t be the case. It’s true that those sweeping country homes and celebrity mansions may be just a tad beyond the realms of possibility, yet building your own home is entirely possible – and financially astute.

Blog - Can I Build?

There are countless factors that prevent people from pursuing a self-build project, from worries about securing a mortgage through to the challenge of finding the perfect plot. Yet primarily, it’s the assumption that self-build is prohibitively expensive – the mind instinctively wanders to Grand Designs and ambitious structures built in precarious positions or boasting an ecological-first.

It’s common for people to build their own homes in much of Europe – in France, Germany and Italy more than half of homes are self-built – yet in the UK it’s much more unusual. While the government has made encouraging steps to encourage self-build, there is a lot of work to do to begin to change perceptions and help more ordinary people realise that self-build is a realistic option.

The prospect of self-build is attractive for so many reasons – first and foremost the chance to design a home suited to our own specific needs, whether it’s a “forever home” to accommodate a growing family as life and needs evolve, or simply to create a beautifully designed home in which to enjoy down-time and entertain friends. 

If you’ve spent time viewing prospective homes, you’ll appreciate the internal dialogue that takes place as you walk through each property; the weighing of pros and cons, the brutal judging of kitchens and the unique horror only an avocado bathroom suite can inspire. 

Can your own life fit snugly within a space that someone else has designed?

Self-build isn’t restricted to the rich and famous – it’s an option available to all of us. You can build your dream home – the key is having the right team on board to make your dream a reality.