Is self-build the answer to your quest for the perfect home?

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Thousands of people in the UK are struggling to find their dream home. During Q1 of 2019, Britain’s housing market showed scant signs of recovery, with properties listed for sale falling at the fastest rate since 2016. 

For those families seeking their dream home, the lack of properties available for sale can become frustrating – it isn’t unusual to hear of families searching for years or more for their ideal home.

Of course, for some, particularly those looking for a home to accommodate the continued growth of their family, and the “sandwich generation” who are caring for children and elderly patients at the same time, the reality is the home they’re looking for may not exist. 

If you’re struggling to find your dream home, why not consider self-build?

MyPlot has been launched with the mission of helping as many people as possible to build their own home, expelling the myths surrounding self-build in the UK. 

While it’s perfectly normal to build your own home in continental Europe – more than 60% of people do so in France, Germany and Italy, for example – in the UK it is perceived as something that is confined to the very wealthy or the very clued-up; builders, architects and contractors with the knowledge needed to get the job done. Common perceived barriers include financing the project, having the know-how to make it happen and finding a plot to build that perfect new home. Yet that doesn’t reflect the reality.

Ironically, while the Grand Designs series has drawn attention to self-build housing and the possibilities it offers, it has also contributed to the perception that it’s out of the reach of the ‘regular’ person. The majority of self-build projects will be vastly less ambitious than those aired on Grand Designs, with a team of experts on board covering everything from project management through to construction and plumbing. 

Self-build is a team-effort, allowing you to continue with your life while the build progresses – not quite the all-encompassing endeavor portrayed on the television.

If you’re struggling to find a home that’s in the right area, close to family, your workplace or children’s schools, while ticking the necessary boxes – whether that’s a large garden, open-plan living space or spacious bedrooms – building your own home could well be the answer. 

Arguably the trickiest challenge involved in self-build is finding the perfect plot of land – with MyPlot, it’s made easy. There’s no need to scour Google Satellite for possible plots, or pay expensive estate agency fees for the sourcing and purchase of land. Not only does MyPlot simplify the acquisition of the land to build your dream home, it also provides a carefully selected network of professional consultants and contractors to make your self-build a reality. 

From mortgage advisors and planning consultants through to architectural design and builders, MyPlot provides a one-stop-shop to find your plot and compile your self-build dream-team.

Financially, building your home usually proves a smart investment – despite the assumption that it’s far costlier than simply buying a property, the budget to build an equivalent home will usually prove less.

End the search for your perfect home by building your own – a home designed by you, for you; a home you’ll love and enjoy for many years to come.

Ready to start looking for your dream home?