Appointing a building contractor for your self-build home: Five things you need to know

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Like any key decision in life, selecting a building contractor to construct your self-build home can be a tricky process. An array of pros and cons come into play and it’s best to look at the big picture before singling out a company which will deliver what you envisage. If you have a contractor in mind, someone you have worked with before, then it’s a different matter, but if you’re choosing one from a range of options, it’s worth bearing a few things in mind.



For prestigious new-build properties, a contractor should be able to supply construction expertise and craft to the highest standard. Whatever the size and scope of the project, and wherever the location, you should expect efficiency, quality and professionalism throughout the development.



During construction projects, you put yourself in someone else’s hands when it comes to the day-to-day running of the construction process. If you’re allowing a contractor to oversee a project and make decisions in your best interests, then trust is a key factor. You want a reputable company that’s going to be reliable and provide complete cost transparency throughout the project. Check out the company’s payment structure – some offer a fixed-fee approach, with no extra costs.

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On complicated projects like self-build, you want value for money, but you also want a company which values your new home as much as you do. The end product must be a true reflection of your vision, by making the most of your budget and ensuring it’s on show. Be realistic to make sure what you plan is affordable. Look at the company’s portfolio too, to see if it’s a good fit for your project – has it built properties like yours before?


Total Service

When selecting a contractor, you want experts who will put your mind at rest and take the pressure off by supplying a total service. Deciding on your contractor early in the process will mean they can advise on practical considerations at the design state. Some even have the capability to supply turnkey projects, taking you from plot acquisition to final delivery – a seamless design, plan and build model that can deliver excellent results.


Personal Service

High standards shouldn’t just mean the workmanship. From day one, it should also relate to your interaction between you and your contractor, to give you peace of mind. It’s good to be able to put faces to names, and feel safe in the hands of a dedicated team you can talk to, which fully understands the needs and ambitions of realising your perfect project.

These five guidelines are good starting points when looking for a contractor. However, if you get a good feel about a company, trust your judgement, but don’t forget to look at its portfolio and client testimonials, to see if it’s a good fit for your self-build project.

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