Our top tips for creating a self-build plot listing buyers won’t be able to resist

Sell Your Plot Guide

You may only get one chance to convince potential buyers that your plot is the one for them – so it’s crucial to get it right. 

By taking a little bit of time and following our simple guide, you can put together the perfect listing, helping prospective buyers to picture what life would be like in their new self-build home.


Be honest

There’s no surer way of putting off potential buyers than by claiming something that later turns out to be untrue – and it’s a legal requirement to be honest, too.


Be clear about what makes your plot special

Think about the things that make your plot unique and be sure to point them out. Are the views incredible? Is it close to the sea? Does it come with lots of land? Highlighting those great features will help your plot stand out from the crowd.


Describe what your plot is like

Take a few sentences to describe the general characteristics and features of your plot of land. Is it a field on the edge of a village or part of a back garden? Is it sloping or flat? This will help potential buyers start to understand the sort of home they could create on your plot.


Write about the wider area

Whilst you’ll know the area like the back of your hand, potential buyers could be com-ing from further afield – so tell them what it’s like. Is it a small, picturesque village or a large bustling town? How far is the nearest shop or school, and how easy is it to get to major towns or cities nearby? Don’t be afraid to pick out details here either – if there are great independent shops or an incredible pub nearby, point them out!


Give the details

Selling a self-build plot isn’t like selling a home – your buyer will want to know about anything that might influence design or build costs. To help with that, outline any technical information that you already have about the plot. Does the site have existing services? Is planning permission already in place? If so, when was it granted, what’s the planning application reference and which council granted the permission?

Some of the information can be added to the downloads section of your plot listing, making it simple for people to access – copies of the planning permission and approved drawings are especially helpful. The easier you make it to find that information, the more likely they are to make an offer!


Think about the photos

A picture speaks a thousand words – so use plenty! Don’t just take photos of the plot itself, snap the surrounding area and the view from the plot too. Try to give potential buyers as good an idea as possible as to what the area is actually like. If your plot already has planning permission, any images of the new home can be really helpful too.


Be realistic with your price

Making sure your asking price is realistic is crucial to making sure you attract the right sort of interest. If you’re not sure what the plot might be worth, take a look at other self-build plots that are listed for sale on MyPlot and see how yours compares. You can always ask a local estate agent too – they’ll give you an indication of price even if you ultimately decide not to instruct them.

Ready to sell your plot?